Complete Foley Services

Footsteps Post-Production Sound Inc. provides complete foley services for all types of productions; feature films, IMAX films, TV, animation, documentaries and video games.

Recorded and delivered in ProTools digital formats, Footsteps provides comprehensive Foley tracks suitable for use in foreign language versioning. Footsteps' Foley is recorded in our diverse Foley studios, or if required, we can capture your tracks using digital mobile recording systems while on location. All of our sound effects are custom recorded to fit the exact requirements of the production.


Sometimes a situation arises where it is preferable to record foley sound effects in their naturally occurring acoustic environment. At these times Footsteps has taken a mobile recording set up to an optimal location.Some examples of our location recorded foley:

The Company, Dir. Robert Altman
The Good Thief, Dir. Neil Jordan
The Sweet Hereafter, Dir. Atom Egoyan
Sunshine, Dir. Istvan Szabo
Lolita, Dir. Adrian Lyne
Ulee's Gold, Dir. Victor Nunez
The Hidden Dimension, (Imax) Dir. Paul Cox
Agnes of God, Dir. Norman Jewison

Live Foley

Footsteps performed live Foley to accompany the film "Brand Upon the Brain!" by critically acclaimed Canadian director, Guy Maddin. The film was shot in the style of a black and white silent movie and screened with a live orchestra, Interlocutor, Castrato and the Foley crew.

Footsteps has performed this live show at numerous International Film Festivals including; Mexico City, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and San Francisco.

Video Games

As the Video games of today have become more and more cinematic, the sound has become as big a part as the visuals. Footsteps Foley provides the realism that is demanded by today's gaming audiences. Some examples of our Foley for Video Games:

    Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption
    Sony Playstation 2 Syphon Filter, "Logan's Shadow"
    Sony Playstation 2 ATV 4, "Offroad Fury"
    Sony Playstation 2 Neopets, "The Darkest Faerie"
    Sony Playstation 2 NBA 08, "The Life, VOL 3"
    Sony Playstation 2 NBA 07, "The Life, VOL 2"
    Sony Playstation 2 NBA 06, "The Life, VOL 1"