The Foley Farm

"The Foley Farm"

In its relatively isolated 25 acre location, Footsteps Studios has created one of the most natural sounding recording environments available using two studios and a fully furnished house.

The new studio is purpose built. Constructed as a room within a room, the air space between the two creates a sound buffer ensuring no outside noise infiltrates the recording studio. It features a 22 foot high ceiling, changeable acoustics with floor to ceiling curtains. The studios are equipped with an extensive array of floor surfaces, furniture, mounted doors, cupboards, an ever-expanding and eclectic accumulation of props and a shoe collection rivaled only by Imelda Marcos.

Various interior and exterior surfaces include wood, tile, marble, terrazzo, asphalt, cobblestone and concrete as well as dirt and gravel pits. The "mud room" is home to a large water tank, equipped with both regular and underwater microphones. An assortment of cars, a functional barn and a wooden boat are also available on-site.

Garage doors in the original studio allow a car or truck to be driven directly into the space enabling the accurate recreation of sounds associated with vehicles, particularly interior movement including handling of the steering wheel, ignition, gear shift, windows, locks and any other props an actor may be using inside.

The house has been outfitted in its entirety for recording throughout its living spaces, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and basement. The kitchen and bathroom include cupboards, medicine cabinets, a full size fridge and stove, toilet, shower, tub and a variety of sinks.